What is The Indieplex Online Magazine?

The Indieplex Online Magazine is an online community news source for and by independent artists, filmmakers and those of us who love and have an abiding interest in the movies, sound recordings, theater, film technology and the good things in life that come to us through art.

Part of The Indieplex Online Magazine core mission is to promote the sharing of resources and knowledge by and for independent artists in all disciplines, and to help them find the missing elements needed to get their projects completed, and out in the world.  This includes both public notice and commercial potential, although no specific aim is sought except for art to bring illumination to the human condition, to teach and help us all grow in some way.  We have no political agenda, and the opinions expressed by writers of articles appearing on Indieplex are solely their own, and not those of the publication.

Indieplex Online Magazine publishes articles on a wide variety of subjects including the past, present and future of film, the filmmaking process, and the film business.  Recent articles have focused on such diverse subjects as 3D movies, film preservation, recent losses to the film world, the film vs. digital discussions, and such niche subjects as “The Soundies,” from which modern music videos are descended.  We’ve also written about new production equipment and local events in the San Francisco Bay Area (where we are headquartered.)

The original peer-to-peer live events which took place in San Francisco, as imagined and organized by Ron Merk and Dan Gomes as The Filmmaker Resource Sharing Group has now been replaced by The Indieplex Online Magazine where much of its original functions, except for the social aspects continue.  Ron Merk continues as The Editor-in-Chief.  Dan continues as the technical director of the site.

Indieplex is project of  The Metro Theatre Center Foundation (www.MetroCenterFoundation.org), a 501(c)3 non profit,

and is made possible with financial support from Premiere Pictures International, Inc. (PremierePicturesInc.com)

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