REPEACE – Another way of looking at how we can work for a sustainable peace in the world

Repeace ( is an online social movement dedicated to realizing John F. Kennedy’s idea of honest, lasting peace in our world by working to make accountability a profitable market currency in society. By rallying people behind 3 positive pledges, repeace strives to motivate BUSINESSES AND GOVERNMENTS to new standards of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.


Go to the website:

and take the three pledges.  Peace is being re-defined, not as the absence of war, but the absence of fear.

Everyone needs to step forward and take part in the democratic process.  Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Repeace is the brainchild of Andrea “Drey” Tosi, a Swiss-born graphic artist.  He has worked very hard to create peace as new brand, with a new point of view.

In June, San Francisco-based production company, Premiere Pictures International, Inc., will be creating a special video for the repeace website, which will be posted on Indieplex, too.  Watch for it.


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