Q: What’s after HD? A: 33MP Super Hi-Vision.

For some reason HD is being asked less about these days. I guess that means we’ve all figured out the work-flows involved, and are looking for a new challenge.

Q: So what is the prime question now?

A: “What comes after HD?”

Q: And what is that?

A: Why the 33MP resolution video promised by Super Hi-Vision.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Engadget article “NHK shrinks its 8K Super Hi-Vision-ready camcorder to the size of HD cameras” with links to product information and its important move to smaller footprint cameras:

We may still be years away from watching the sweet, sweet 33MP resolution video promised by Super Hi-Vision in our own homes, but over in Japan, NHK engineers are slowly working out the various kinks keeping it from us. Their latest development is this camera seen above on the left, capable of recording 8K in a camera head that is smaller and lighter than the previous unit (the new one weighs 4kg, about 1/5th the weight) shown on the right, and is more comparable to the size of a standard HDTV camera. According to the NHK the savings were achieved by developing a new single plate color imaging mechanism and eliminating the need for a prism to separate the colors beforehand, so it’s small enough to be used with standard SLR camera lenses. Sure, it’s not quite ready to go on your next vacation, but if you’re in Japan you can get a peek at it (and that 145-inch 8K Panasonic plasma) at the broadcaster’s open house later this month.

NHK shrinks its 8K Super Hi-Vision-ready camcorder to the size of HD cameras originally appeared on Engadget

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